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You are short on time, maybe even brand new counsel on the file, and the deadline for some important procedural matter is coming up on your case fast. Just this morning multiple large boxes of medicals have been delivered to your front office, going back a dozen or so years, from who knows how many doctors and medical facilities. Maybe some of it doesn’t even belong to this patient – maybe notwithstanding the volume, some essential pages are missing – you couldn’t know. Your cursory review of the most recent medical information seems to suggest that three physicians somehow are managing to hold five different opinions, your client is stressed and quite frankly, you honestly just don’t know what to do. Who do you call?


Before you settle the case - let our medical legal SWAT Team evaluate the situation and help save you from being held hostage by your opponent. Level the playing field by engaging Nudelman & Associates, LTD to do some of the heavy lifting on the medicals, and the medical expert tactics.


No case is TOO COMPLEX or file TOO BIG for us – in fact large, complex cases involving a lot of different medical issues are our specialty! We will take that disorderly mess, scan, organize and prepare a table of contents with hyperlinks to critical documents. Where necessary, a clinical time-line can be constructed for the case by a nurse consultant and supervised by Dr. Nudelman. When the case calls for it, we may use a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant [LINKS BELOW] to assist in this stage. Copies are then available electronically for you, the medical experts and your clients.


While your file is being organized, but only after discussion with Dr. Nudelman, a search begins to identify credible, reliable medical board certified experts that meet the Daubert standard to review, opine and then appear or testify as required. Based upon the parameters that you give us, we seek out medical and other related specialists, ones that can help you make your case.


As fast as is possible you will have a handle on the file, and be in the position to declare your experts if you decide, based upon what we may conclude, not to settle. We will go shoulder to shoulder with you the whole way, while watching your back. If you do decide to settle, you will do so with the benefit of far more knowledge, be in a better position to evaluate the litigation risk, and negotiate more favorable settlement terms.

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