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Mitchell S. Nudelman, MD, JD, FCLM selected by the American College of Legal Medicine & American

If you are looking for a unique forum in which to address always complex and often controversial topics involving both Medicine and the Law, this is it. In 2014 I launched an annual program that you will want to hear about. Targeted at all of the stakeholders in cases where Medical Legal litigation is involved, the symposium brings experts in Law, Medicine, Psychology and other disciplines together in one setting, for an exchange of ideas. Although it was initially a single day Georgia program and is only in its third year, this year’s program has already grown into a two day, regional program held again at the State Bar of Georgia, this year on October 18th & October 19th, 20016. This year our Medical Legal Symposium will be in Joint Sponsorship with both the American College of Legal Medicine and American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians, two nationally renowned organizations in the Medical Legal arena. Therefore I am of course honored to have been named Program Chair of this prestigious educational event with our new organizational partners. This year’s program will include four half–day modules, and detailed information on this program can be found here. Educational credits will be awarded for Physicians (national), Attorneys (multiple states), Nurses (national, including for nurse case managers) and adjusters (multiple states). Other categories are being considered. The ACLM is the most prominent professional society in the United States concerned with addressing issues that arise at the interface of law and medicine. Fellows of the American College of Legal Medicine, such as myself (since 1993), have degrees in law and mostly medicine, or some other doctoral level degree in a health science, such as Medicine, Psychology, or Dentistry. The Mission of the American College of Legal Medicine is to "promote the continued professional advancement of its members, as well as non-member physicians, and other interested professionals, through education, research, publications, and interdisciplinary and collaborative exchanges of information. The educational meetings are designed to improve the professional performance of the participants and focus primarily on research, methodologies, techniques, and issues and advances in the field of legal medicine. The education activities encourage interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas and information and thereby facilitate enhanced service to society in the healing arts and legal professions.” The AADEP is the premier organization that produces educational courses and products on such issues as the proper techniques to perform impairment ratings based on the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, treatment of industrial related conditions, prevention of the disastrous disability cascade, surgical treatment of back pain, the science of bone and soft tissue healing, and the proper methods to perform return to work evaluations that place the injured person in a physical demand Category of work, based on the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT). Dedicated entirely to teaching healthcare professionals with a national group of outstanding faculty, experienced in teaching in all areas of the medical and legal aspects surrounding the care of the injured worker, and the prevention and management of disability. Fellows of AADEP come from a wide variety of medical specialties. Many of them contribute to the development of national criteria involving injured works, such as the ODG’s, and many State Workers' Compensation Systems use AADEP as the teaching organization for their healthcare providers.

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