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Hello All —

Welcome to the new addition of our Nudelman & Associates website, where periodically Dr. Nudelman will be posting informational pieces that you may find relevant and thought provoking in your “When the Law & Medicine Collide”. If you have some feedback for him do not hesitate to email at Just a few notes regarding posted information. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to comply with the rules. First, because the nature of law and medicine are individually complex and even more so when they meet, any individual case is going to be fact sensitive.

The idea here is to have our audience think about these things, so when presented with such a situation they may perhaps approach with a greater degree of understanding.

You are welcome to reproduce anything from our pages, however, please credit us by noting the website address where you found it.

Of course although we will try to be diligent in what is presented, from time to time if a material error is brought to our attention, we will correct it as soon as is reasonable, and at the sole discretion of Dr. Nudelman.

Finally, due to the nature of copyright laws and infringement, we will often have to paraphrase or provide an abstract, but will provide the link to where the article or reference relied upon is found. So then, let go see… What Is Dr. Nudelman Saying NOW?

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