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My insurance company/employer denied my claim


Sometimes, for no apparent reason, your insurance company or employer turns down your claim (or the claim of a family member) for medical services or disability payments you thought were covered.  

In many cases, patients mistakenly believe they have health “insurance,” when they’re actually    members of an ERISA Health Plan. The rules that apply, and the recourse that these patients have available to them, are quite different from those for other types of insurance they may carry. 

Sometimes there’s a simple remedy; but at other times, well, “not so much.”  Before you’ve exhausted all of your appeals and remedies, let Dr. Nudelman help you. If he doesn’t believe a decision is likely to be reversed, he’ll explain why and discuss what if any recourse may be available.  

So start putting Dr. Nudelman’s vast experience to work for you! For more than twenty-five years, he’s been a Medical Director or medical consultant to countless insurance companies and employers, including Aetna, Amerisis, Amerisafe, Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, Ball Corporation, Beaulieu Carpet, Berkshire Life, Bituminous Insurance Companies, Builders Insurance Group, Canada Life, Chubb Insurance, Cincinnati Insurance Co., Clayton County Board of Commissioners, Cobb County School District, Companion Property & Casualty, Continental American Ins. Co.,  Coventry, Crawford & Co., CNA, ESIS, F.A. Richards & Associates, , FCCI, Gallagher Bassett, Georgia Insurers Insolvency Pool, GEICO, Georgia Power Company, The Hartford, Heartland Express, ING, Intracorp/CIGNA, Liberty Mutual, Lockheed, Marriott International,  MARTA, Mutual of Omaha, National Carriers, Nationwide Insurance, Sedgwick, Smithway Motor Xpress, Inc., Standard Ins. So., Swiss Re, Thermo Fischer Inc., Travelers, Tokio Marine, UHS-Pruitt, U.S. Xpress, Inc., WellPoint, Underwriters Safety & Claims, UPS, York Risk Services, and Zurich Insurance.  



Special Note: Please be advised that this particular type of representation is only available on a fee-for-service basis. Due to the nature of the area of law, contingency arrangements with Dr. Nudelman for these types of disputes services are not available.

My insurance company or employer denied my claim
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