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Medical Expert Management and Representation

Medical Expert Management and Representation

Not every physician, regardless of his or her impeccable credentials and squeaky-clean reputation is cut for the role of the peer reviewer or expert witness. There are many other factors to your success.  While it can be intellectually challenging, economically rewarding and many doctors really enjoy performing medical peer review, sometimes there are administrative pitfalls that keep many a fine physician from participating.

Before embarking upon or continuing in peer review activities, have you considered these administrative or legal burdens? We have.


  • Liability coverage for performing this type of work is something often NOT included in typical malpractice insurance polices. Tip: Check to see if yours includes any such work not related to hospital committees. If not, and you do such work, your carrier may offer a rider. While the risk is very low, at MDS – we’ve got you covered anyway.

  • Dealing with insurance companies, adjusters, case managers, medical directors or other administrative personal.

  • Negotiating equitable rates.

  • Lawyers who respect no bounds when it comes to their cases, disrupting your office and making demands that are not only unreasonable but intimidating, sometimes even threatening.

  • Cancellations of depositions at the last minute?

  • You receive a subpoena ordering you to appear for purposes of testifying in a deposition or otherwise?

  • You receive a subpoena duces tecum - a court summons ordering you or another party from your office to appear at a certain time and date before the court or at an attorney’s office and produce evidentiary documents – such as your complete medical record?

Let Mitchell Nudelman, MD, JD, FCLM and the law firm of Nudelman & Associates, oversee ONLY your expert witness and consultant activities, with our innovative Exclusive Management & Representation service.  Practicing medicine for more than twenty years, Attorney/Doctor Nudelman has been performing medical peer review in a wide variety of settings, while developing his panel of medical experts for Medical Director Solutions. As a lawyer who deals with these issues on a daily basis, he knows how to handle these matters expeditiously and proficiently, and protect your interests, such as time and expense.

Whether you are new to peer review, or already have a developed medical review consulting practice in addition to your clinical work, let Attorney/Doctor Nudelman explain to you how we can reduce the negative aspects, enhance your productivity and relieve you of many of the concerns you might have about it.




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