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Sometimes You Need a Lawyer Who Is a Doctor 


Yes, there are professionals who hold both degrees – practicing medicine and law simultaneously. If you have a potential lawsuit involving medical issues, Dr. Nudelman and his law firm, Nudelman & Associates, LTD (N&A), may be just the right law firm for you. 


So why should you hire Attorney Doctor Nudelman, and his network of expert associates in law and medicine, to represent you?

Dr. Nudelman will work alongside other law firms on your contingency case (firms that are litigation specialists), and typically at no additional cost to you. In those cases where you are not already represented by an attorney, N&A may be able to assist you in locating highly qualified local counsel in your own state – attorneys with experience in handling cases similar to yours (e.g., motor vehicle accident, work-related injury, disability, etc.). Our firm will then partner with your attorneys to maximize the likelihood that your case will have a favorable outcome.

Dr. Nudelman’s vast experience as an industry insider over the past twenty five years has given him a keen insight into how insurance companies work and has helped him to successfully resolve claims before they have to court.   

Here’s another good reason to retain Dr. Nudelman: he knows first-hand just what it’s like to be a plaintiff – because he was one. In 2008, after ten years of hard fought litigation, Dr. Nudelman settled his own Whistleblower suit against CIGNA. The resulting settlement was over $2 million. More important, CIGNA subsequently adopted evidence-based medicine coverage criteria which are published online and are transparent to the public.

What can I so if I already have a lawyer? 


Even if you already have legal counsel, there may still be a critical role for Dr. Nudelman to play: in working together with your attorneys, as a member of their legal team, to advance your cause. Many law firms may be able to handle your legal matter on their own, but if the medical aspects of your case are particularly complex, Dr. Nudelman’s unique experience and insights may prove invaluable – and adding him to your firm’s legal team will generally not reduce the amount of money you might receive from any recovery. Dr. Nudelman is typically compensated in these cases pursuant to a fee-sharing agreement between the two law firms, in accordance with all legal and ethical rules.


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