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I already have a lawyer…


Doctor Lawyer Nudelman follows all state bar rules of ethics, so if you already are represented by legal counsel most likely he is unable to be your lawyer, and in may even be precluded from discussing the case directly with you. However, you can talk to your attorney and ask. You can also contact your state’s bar association to see what options are available to you if you are unsure. However, in most cases, Doctor Lawyer Nudelman works with other legal counsel anyway, as part of the legal team.


Adding Doctor Lawyer Nudelman to a contingency case as a member of the legal team does not reduce the amount of money that YOU, the plaintiff, receive. Rather, usually Attorney Nudelman receives compensation in such cases by way of an agreement between the two law firms to share the original fee percentage agreed to, and of course in keeping with any legal and/or ethical considerations. If you do not prevail, and no award or settlement is generated, then in most cases, in keeping with what is agreed, Doctor Lawyer Nudelman would also not get paid for his contribution.

If you already have a lawyer
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