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Four Questions


In most cases because he is an administrative and medical legal expert, and not a litigation specialist - and BECAUSE HE IS ONLY LICENSED TO PRACTICE LAW IN GEORGIA – Attorney/Doctor Nudelman typically works with another lawyer or law firm – one who is licensed in the appropriate state and is a litigation expert. We certainly may be able to assist you in locating a lawyer who is just right to represent you, and with whom we will work in cooperation. However, in keeping with the rules of ethics, we will do so, only in those cases where you do not already have an attorney.


Of course sometimes Attorney/Nudelman will resolve a case for you on his own, without involving any other lawyer. You and he will be able to discuss the various options. In fact, because of the many years of experience in his role as Chief Medical Officer of a medical peer review company Medical Director Solutions, and that he has access to a full panel of highly qualified medical experts, Attorney/Doctor Nudelman can sometimes resolve a case more quickly than others, settling it sooner and without it dragging on for so many years.


Ask yourself these four questions to see if you might have a case for Dr. Nudelman:


1. Do you already have an attorney?


Doctor Lawyer Nudelman follows all state bar rules of ethics, so if you already are represented by legal counsel most likely he is unable to be your lawyer, and in may even be precluded from discussing the case directly with you. You can also contact your state’s bar association to see what options are available to you if you are unsure. However, in most cases, Doctor/Lawyer Nudelman works as part of the legal team with other legal counsel anyway. So, you can talk directly to your attorney and ask – and your attorney can contact us.


Adding Doctor/Lawyer Nudelman to a "contingency" case as a member of the legal team does not reduce the amount of money that you the plaintiff or claimant receive. Rather, typically Attorney Nudelman receives compensation in such cases by way of an agreement to split the original fee percentage, in keeping with any legal and/or ethical considerations. The agreement would only actually be between your attorney or the law firm representing you, and him. Fees typically would come out of their share. In those contigency cases, just like your own lawyer already, if you do not prevail, and no award or settlement is generated, then Doctor/Lawyer Nudelman would also not get paid for his contribution.


2. Is your claim or injury legitimate?


If you do not have a legitimate injury, one that can be verified and pass muster by Doctor/Lawyer Nudelman and our panel of medical experts, he will not accept your case or work with your attorney - period.For twenty years Dr. Nudelman has been an expert to insurance carriers, employers and defense attorney’s - he knows how to sort those whose claims are legitimate from those who are not; and if so, if the mechanism of injury is consistent with the medical condition. This does not mean that if another attorney (or more than one) has already turned down your case, that Nudelman & Associates, LTD will not accept it – in fact because Attorney Nudelman is always seeing things through his Doctor “glasses” that other attorneys may not, sometimes he finds a case justifiable where others didn’t. However we demand complete honesty and full disclosure and cooperation from you the client, so we can make that decision based upon the whole truth and nothing but… One good indicator is if your own physician is willing to support your case - likewise if they are not so inclined.


Note: Doctor/Lawyer Nudelman reserves the right to remove himself immediately from any case in which he finds that you have not been truthful about your injury or medical condition, or the facts surrounding it. This will prevent wasting your valuable time.


3. Do you honestly believe that the party you are blaming is at fault, that your injury is serious, and that you are prepared to show us how?


In many cases where someone is injured another party is at negligent or otherwise at fault and can be found responsible for the damages – other times no such liability exists or sometime it just cannot be proven. No matter how horrible the circumstances may be. Also, even if the fault is obvious, unless the damages are sufficient to warrant it, still the case may not be worthy of the litigation costs to our law firm. Therefore, you must be prepared to respond to all questions about why the other party is at fault, how you have been harmed, and most importantly are able to help us prove it.


4. Are you a credible and reliable witness? Can you be patient as the case works its way through the system?


Lawsuits are not for everyone. They can take much out of the plaintiff (the party suing - you) – and can carry on for a long time without a favorable resolution, relief or financial award of any kind at the end of the process for your trouble. It is not easy, and takes much out of a plaintiff over time – sometimes more than it may be worth. Your own reliability as a witness will be at issue, and the opposing side may very well attempt to discredit you and your claim. While due to his expertise as a medical director and consultant attorney to the insurance industry, Doctor/Lawyer Nudelman can often resolve matters sooner rather than later: make no mistake – the process can take many years to work through the system, and you cannot count on winning. If you are not prepared for this, you are probably not a good fit for becoming a client of Nudelman & Associates, LTD.


Even if you do have a good case, and are prepared for the long haul, choosing wisely is very important to any attorney, and Doctor/Lawyer Nudelman may not share your view of the case or enthusiasm for it. In such circumstances he may refer you to some other attorneys who have different expertise, and could see things differently.



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