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Dr. Nudelman as a Medical Consultant 


With decades of experience in workers’ compensation, disability, personal injury including slips and falls, motor vehicle and trucking industry accidents, Dr. Nudelman brings a great fund of knowledge to your case.  

Ever imagine what it would be like to discuss the medical subtleties of your case with a treating or consultant physician without needing a translator to communicate the underlying legal issues. Think about the countless advantages of having a board certified physician, who is also a seasoned and highly experienced attorney with a comprehensive understanding of relevant legal issues, review your medical records and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case. How might having a set of fresh, experienced “doctor-lawyer eyes” improve your ability to skillfully handle one of your current cases, or perhaps evaluate a case you are considering taking on?

Performing a Forensic Medical Analysis on your file may provide you and your client a significant advantage in perhaps an otherwise close case, with a road map and insight to the medical facts that you would not otherwise likely have had. 

Call to arrange a free consultation to discuss your case. 

Dr. Nudelman as a Legal Consultant or Co-Counsel 

Sometimes law firms will prefer to have Dr. Nudelman serve in his capacity as an attorney, either in consultation to the firm or as co-counsel.  Either way, you and your client can enjoy the benefit of a board certified primary care physician’s knowledge, and an attorney’s privilege.  He will arrange for the securing of highly credible and reliable medical experts. Dr. Nudelman is skilled at taking the deposition of those testifying doctors that may be characterized as hostile or “artful dodgers”.  The firm will accept cases on an hourly rate, or on a fair split of contingency fees in accordance with all Bar Rules and the Code of Ethics. 

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As a Plaintiff’s attorney, you’ll be glad to know that Dr. Nudelman isn’t afraid to “draw a line in the sand” – large insurance companies do not intimidate him because he knows how they work!


In 2008, after ten years of litigation, Dr. Nudelman settled his own Whistleblower suit against CIGNA. As Plaintiff (or “relator”), he sued on the basis that the medical utilization review services of Intracorp, CIGNA’s wholly-owned subsidiary, were fraudulent and presented a danger to the public, inasmuch as they resulted in the denial of critical medical care and treatment to countless individuals.

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