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Contacting Attorney/Doctor Nudelman by email does not constitute formation of any client-attorney relationship, or establish any duty on his behalf to respond to your inquiry. Please be advised that until you and he sign an Attorney-Client contract - Attorney/Doctor Nudelman is not able to represent you.

Attorney/Doctor Nudelman is only licensed to practice law in Georgia but he rountinely collaborates in many other states with local counsel. He follows all state bar rules of ethics when applicable, so if you already are represented by legal counsel most likely he is unable to be your lawyer, and may even be precluded from discussing the case directly with you. However, you can talk to your own attorney and ask. You can also contact your state’s bar association if you are unsure, to see what options are available to you . However, in most cases,  Attorney/DoctorNudelman works with other legal counsel anyway, as part of the legal team.



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